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  Server problem
Posted by: ProKiller - 08-15-2017, 03:50 PM - Forum: Administrative Requests - Replies (1)

Why is the server in offline mode? new ip just pm me.

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Lightbulb Medal System
Posted by: Ragnarok - 08-04-2017, 10:23 AM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (4)

                                               A Medal System 

In-Game Name : Ragnarok

My Suggestion: My suggestion is about a medal system players by playing and being active can get their own Medals such as Medal Of Honor for having high k/h or etc.
Players can view Medal list by using /medals or /medallist .For viewing his own medals he can use /mymedals .To check other players medals he can use /medals [ID].

Example Of  Medals :Capture 100 zones to unlock Achievement then the Achievement will be increased. After 200 Zones - 500 Zones - 1000 Zones and so on.

Killing 30 Players to Unlock First Achievement then it goes on like
50 Players Killed - 100 Killed - 250 Killed - 500  killed - 1000 killed and so on.
Killing Spree Achievements.

Playing on server without /quitting for 3 Consecutive hours and it goes on. ->>> 5 Hours - 8 Hours - 12 Hours..

Stay Alive while playing on server for 1 hour and so on....
like 3 hour - 5 hour - 6 hour...

Make  Headshots to Unlock First Achievement then it goes on like
25 Headshots - 50 Headshots - 100 Headshots and so on.....

Died for the First Time to unlock Achievement then it goes on like
50 deaths - 100 deaths - 250 deaths - 500 deaths - 1000 deaths

Make 10 explosion kills to Unlock First Achievement then it goes on like
50 explosion kill - 100 explosion kill - 200 explosion kill.

Joining first Clan(If Clan system will be added)

Getting server Tag.

Becoming part of the staff Team.

Have any other ideas of medals just reply to the post.
The medal system will make more competition between the players thus make the server more fun. Big Grin

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Exclamation Capture Flag problem
Posted by: Ragnarok - 08-04-2017, 08:48 AM - Forum: Bug Reports - Replies (2)

Title: Checkpoint not working
Description: One flag is not working.Some players reported to me in-game that they cannot capture that flag. When they get in the checkpoint it does nothing.
Your in-game name: Ragnarok

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Information vehicle spawner
Posted by: Kelly_Girl - 08-04-2017, 08:44 AM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (1)

a vehicle spawn is mark on base map like weapon spawner...a new member always search for some interesting maps..i think vehicle spawner will make this server more interesting..

player can spawn nrg 500, fbi buffalo and other vehicle in vehicle spawner..

Sorry..i am not good at English...I am trying to improve it.

Heart >>Thank You<< Heart

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Exclamation Server Problem
Posted by: Kelly_Girl - 08-04-2017, 06:46 AM - Forum: Bug Reports - Replies (1)

[b]Title: Server Lag
[b]Description: When I Login inside the game than i saw all players are lagging..i asked admin for this problem...he is having the same problem..Please Help!!!  
[b]Your in-game name:Kelly_Girl
[b]Piture/Video: https://youtu.be/xZJjHyi7hIU

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  RAIDUX [Godmode]
Posted by: GonzaloVZ - 08-03-2017, 12:01 AM - Forum: Reports - No Replies

Your in-game name: GonzaloVZ
Report/Hacker stats picture: http://imgur.com/a/t56f0
The player that you are reporting: RAIDUX
What did he/she do?: Used Godmode.
Proof (picture/video): https://youtu.be/UloiLhdvwlk [Godmode]
Explain the situation: Breaking rules of server.

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Exclamation Report a hacker
Posted by: DarkMIXSA - 08-02-2017, 10:12 AM - Forum: Reports - No Replies

Your in-game name: DarkMIXSA
Report/Hacker stats picture: http://imgur.com/a/4fahP
The player that you are reporting: Myles_Devilson's
What did he/she do?:Using Fake Kill Hack 
Proof (picture/video): http://imgur.com/a/619Bj
Explain the situation:He is Using Fake Kill Hack To get scores

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  GamingMasters - Unbanned Appeal
Posted by: GamingMasters - 08-02-2017, 01:35 AM - Forum: Still Banned - Replies (1)

In-game name: GamingMasters

Date you got banned at: 31th/07/17

Why have you been banned? Flooding to admins.

Administrator that banned you: Khushi
Why do you think you deserve to be unbanned? I deserve to be unbanned because I shouldnt have been banned in the first place. because admin should warn and i dont know flooding to admins is so he should warn as last warn but he did ban me for flooding to admin and i dont know i was spamming but sorry about you should warn me! ;(

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  Hitman [GodMode] (Ban evade)
Posted by: GonzaloVZ - 08-01-2017, 09:18 PM - Forum: Reports - Replies (1)

Your in-game name: GonzaloVZ
Report/Hacker stats picture: No need.
The player that you are reporting: Hitman 
What did he/she do?: Used of Weapon cheats and godmode
Proof (picture/video): https://youtu.be/8c5IEV5jLBA [Godmode + Rapidfire] https://youtu.be/qDPhZLR-yYE [Rapidfire]
Explain the situation: A player breaking rules, who supposed to habe been banned By duelcore. But he connected again. (check this out https://cod-iw.000webhostapp.com/Upload/...php?tid=95)

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  Ban request
Posted by: Ragnarok - 07-31-2017, 09:57 PM - Forum: Reports - Replies (1)

Your in-game name:Ragnarok
Report/Hacker stats picture:http://imgur.com/a/sMrNd,http://imgur.com/a/lM1FY
The player that you are reporting:Penguin_Volodia and Cristofir_Bandito
What did he/she do?: Penguin_Volodia-Use airbreak and godmode,Cristofir_Bandito-fly hack 
Proof (picture/video):http://imgur.com/a/cho04,http://imgur.com/a/ju2pj,http://imgur.com/a/Q29Uq
Explain the situation:Players keep using hacks after being kicked multiple times.

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