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Donation & VIP
[Image: xpbswk.jpg]

[Image: 143fhk.png]

[Image: 2gt7lw4.png]

-Ability to heal yourself once in five minutes (/dheal)
-Ability to use nitrous in cars (/dnos)
-Ability to change vehicle color (/dcc)
-Vip Chat in Game ($$ [text])
 1500 In-Game Scores
 500,000$ In-Game Money
- Forum VIP Status

[Image: 24gpnpv.jpg]

[Image: b4chno.png]

- Ability to spawn VIP Car (/dcar)
- Ability to spawn NRG-500 (/dbike)
- Ability to use Vip Weapons . (/dweaps)
-Ability to reload Weapons.(/dammo)
-Ability to Change your Weather.(/dweather)
-Ability to change Your Time.(/dtime)
-Ability to Special Report That Will Show For Admins.(/dreport)
  4000 In-Game Scores
$ In-Game Money
- Access to all Level 1 VIP Commands
 + Trial Admin Rank

[Image: 24gpnpv.jpg]

[Image: 2ijj9x.png]

- Ability to set your own skin (/dskin)
   7000 In-Game Scores
  2,000,000$ In-Game Money
- Access to all Level 1&2 VIP Commands
 + Level 2 Admin Rank

[Image: 24gpnpv.jpg]

You can send payment by clicking the button underneath the packages or sending it directly to this Paypal-Email

After you sent the payment make a thread in this section and use this format.

in-game name?:

- Email?:

- For which VIP level, did you donate?:
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