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Forum Rules
                                                           [b][Image: xpbswk.jpg]     [/b]

                                                          COD-IW Forum/Game Rules

1.Do not make topic like spam,flooding,insulting or unknown useless topics.
2.Always Follow the all thread Formats and post your topic in forum.
3.You are not authorized to give any server ip /link or advertise any website in your thread/topic.
4.Forum/game multiple account in disallowed it will be lead for your punishment or ban.
5.Do not copy another player's topic or Motivation.
6.Do not Share Your Game and Forum Account or Account password to anyone. iF something happened with your account you are fully responsible.
7.Do not use another player name/nickname
8.If your topic related with any player insult or Racism then your topic will be removed by admins and you will get a /ban or kicked out from server forum.
9.If you want to report any admin you can use /pm to direct talk with head admin or owner about admin.
10.You are not allowed to judge any player's Skill,English or English grammar.
11.Always use /report in game or Create report topic in forum 'When you look there is a Rule breaker or Abuser.
12.Do not ask to anyone to give a vote for your Reputation.
13.Always give respect to Player/admins.
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