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GamingMasters - Unbanned Appeal
In-game name: GamingMasters

Date you got banned at: 31th/07/17

Why have you been banned? Flooding to admins.

Administrator that banned you: Khushi
Why do you think you deserve to be unbanned? I deserve to be unbanned because I shouldnt have been banned in the first place. because admin should warn and i dont know flooding to admins is so he should warn as last warn but he did ban me for flooding to admin and i dont know i was spamming but sorry about you should warn me! ;(
Hello Gamingmasters

1.Your are in wrong place to put your unban request.

2.Your are not following the unban Format Open this link to see format

3.So you are saying that you are don't know why you got ban for Flooding to admins. Right ? Let me get you on the right movement you are saying in global chat your brother is right for he said that this cod server is Fucking, and you are fucking ass holes right ? And you said if he mad he always doing that. So i want to know that Are you guys following the Server rules ? did you guys check or read Server Forum/game Rules DO NOT SHARE YOUR ACCOUNT WITH ANYONE ? and you said you don't think why you got ban.

Open this link Game/forum Rules

Your unbanned request has been Denied for keep lying. you can apply until 22-08-2017
[Image: KM0Y4p2.gif]
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