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Re-app Administrator DarkMIXSA
- In-game name: DarkMIXSA

- Where are you from? Mauritius 

- Timezone: GTM+5

- Your real name: Adil

- Gender: Male

- Age: 16

- How long have you been part of this community? Not so LOng

- Have you ever been banned? why? Never

- Have you ever been in the Staff team before? what position? Nope

- Why are you interested in joining the Administration team? Because I Like this server And I wanted to Help the Community To get rid Of hacker I think I would be  very reliable and Dependable person. Also I'd Like to take some Responsibilities of the server which can be helpful and I want to make this server clean from all the hacker

- Why should we accept you?:I'm Active,helpful,mature and Respectful and I saw many hackers in the server while there is No administrator Online and I want to make this server free from hacker and I know that admin Job are Not easy but im ready for this Great responsibility. I hope you will Accept me. 

- Screenshot of your stats:

How can we communicate you? Do you have Discord, Messenger(Facebook), Whatsapp?: Facebook[Messenger]
[Image: giphy.gif]

Not So Active.

Edit : 
-Saw him active in-game for so much time.
-Spending time on the server.
-Reporting players.
Hi there ! Glad to see you with your re-app.

I haven't see you are fully active in game.So in this case i want you have to meet me in game.we don't care about score yea we know that you have enough Score/stats.i hope you understood what i am saying to you.

[Image: KM0Y4p2.gif]
Player Verify progress has been completed.
[Image: KM0Y4p2.gif]
[Image: liJny1y.gif]
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